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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXVII, Number 1-2, 2010
 ISSN 1993-0135

Mating system and allozyme heterozygosity dynamics in dwarf Siberian pine, Pinus pumila (Pall.) Regel, populations


Belokon M.M., Belokon Yu.S., Politov D.V.

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Efficiency of plus selection of trees


Vydyakin A.I.

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Creation of long-term seed bank of woody species - the real way of preservation of their genofund


Orekhova T.P

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Douglas-Fir – Perspective Coniferous Introduced Tree for Planting of High Productive Stands


Abrarova A.R., Vafin R.V., Putenikhin V.P.

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Morphological features variability of Larix sibirica (Ledeb) generative organs in Yenisei river basin


Barchenkov A.P.

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The Conifer Tree Genetic and Breeding Program (CTGBP) in the forest resources of the Novosibirsk and the Omsk regions


Bolonin I.P., Kylakov V.E., Rogovtsev R.V.

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Status information on the objects of Integrated Genetic-Selection Complex in Altai Territory. Prospects


Bondarev А. Ya., Kalchenko L.I.

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Interspecific hybridization as a factor reticulate evolution of 5-needle pines from North and East Asia


Goroshkevich S.N., Petrova E.A., Vasilieva G.V., Politov D.V., Popov A.G., Bender O.G., Belokon M.M., Hutornoy O.V., Belokon Y.S.

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Application of multivariate statistics methods for early diagnostics of fast-growing populations in  pine provenance trials


Efimov V.M., Tarakanov V.V., Rogovtsev R.V.

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The Betula pubescens Ehrh. forms differentiated in bark type in bog populations between the Ob¢ and Tom¢ rivers


Zhiltsova S.G.

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Variation of the Siberian stone pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) shoot structure along the latitudinal transect: analysis ex situ


Zhuk Е.А.

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Theautochthonous Pinus sibirica populations of Kyginski refugium – the perspective object for genetical and breeding investigations


Zemlyanoi A.I.

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Interclonal variability  on the seed productivity elements of Pinus sibirica: prospects of breeding


Zemlyanoy A.I., Ilyichev Yu. N., Tarakanov

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The prospects of selection of Pinus sibirica plus trees


Ilyichev Yu. N.

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Gradual passportisation of trees in pine clone orchards: using the methods of phenetics


Kalchenko L.I., Tarakanov V.V.

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Intraspecific variability of Juniperus communis l


Knyazeva S.G.

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Karyological review of pinopsida on the base the database


Knyazeva S.G., Muratova E.N.

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Growth, state and development of siberian pines in provenance trial in the krasnoyarsk krai south


Kuznetsova G.V.

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Response of coniferous to soil moisture variation: the results of experiment


Kuzmin S.R., Kuzmina N.A., Ponomareva T.V., Kuznetsova G.V.

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Selection of perspective Scots pine climatypes in the provenance trial in Priangarie of Krasnoyarsk region


Kuzmina N.A., Kuzmin S.R.

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Genetic diversity and differentiation of swamp populations pine


Larionova A.Ya., Ekart A.K.

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Problems of allocation and conservation of forest genetic reserves in areas of large industrial center in the Urals


Makhnev A.K.

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Prospects for conservation of biological diversity in forest genetic reserves


Makhneva N.E., Makhnev A.K.

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Database development of botanical diversity
Molorodov Yu.I.
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Linear height increment and differentiation of Siberian Pinus sylvestris climatypes in provenance  trials in the West Trans-Baikal Region
Novikova T.N.
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Genetic differentiation of Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) in Middle Siberia
Oreshkova N.V.
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Allozyme variation and needle structure of natural hybrids between Siberian Stone pine and Siberian Dwarf pine
Petrova E.A., Bender O.G., Goroshkevich S.N., Belokon Yu.S., Belokon M.M., Politov D.V.
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Distribution of allozyme variation in Siberian Stone pine: three levels of diversity
Petrova E.A., Velisevich S.N., Politov D.V., Belokon M.M., Belokon Yu.S., Goroshkevich S.N.
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The initial introduction of some 5-needle pine species on the south forest part of Western Siberia
Popov А.G.
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Forest Genetic Reserves of Conifers in Republic of Bashkortostan
Putenikhin V.P.
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Hereditability of height at a pine ordinary and fur-trees Siberian in Perm region
Rogozin M.V.
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Forest genetic reserves of the Perm region and selection of fur-tree Siberian
Rogozin M.V., Zhekin A.V.
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Analytical estimation of prospects for introduction of some winter-hardy ornamental shrubs in the conditions of Southern Siberia
Sakovich D.A.
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Implementation of breeding program on increasing of Pinus sibirica seed productivity in Mountain Altai
Titov E.V.
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A dinamic of distribution of generative stratums in crones of pine trees
Tikhonova I.V.
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Preservation of gene pool of Siberian conifer species by somatic embryogenesis in vitro – modern method of biotechnology
Tretyakova I.N., Barsukova A.V.
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Use of photogrammetric and geodetic approaches to the analysis of intensity of trees growth on clonal plantations of Pinus sylvestris
Trubina L. K., Ivanova J. J.
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Ecological-and-silvicultural characteristics of natural coniferous dendrocoenoses in Rila-Pirin region
Tsakov H.I, Shipkovenski D.N.
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