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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXVI, Number 3-4, 2010
 ISSN 1993-0135

Different strategies of acclimation to air pollution for Scots pine and Siberian spruc


Pakharkova N.V., Kalyakina O.P., Shubin A.A., Grigoriev Y.S., Pakharkov S.V., Sorokina G.A.

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Soil biological activity after partial cuttings in pinewoods of Krasnoyarsk forest-steppe


Bezkorovainaya I.N., Antonov G.I., Ivanov V.V., Semenyakin D.A.

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The Pathway-road Network Stress Effect On Vegetation


Sorokina G.A., Shikalova E.A., Pakharkova N.V.

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Vegetation successions and productivity of a sable grounds in Average Siberia


Zyryanov A.N.

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The dynamics of the forest valuation indicators of the modal larch stands in the Tuva Republic


Krasikov I.I., Shevelev S.L.

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Role of shoots and under grows in formation of complexes of wood combustible materials in plantings of the Aerhne – Obsky large forest


Furyaev I.V., Samsonenko S.D., Furyaev V.V.

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Cluster Dying of the Pinus sylvestris on the old arable land (role of the Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. s. str.,  soil structure and climate change)


Pavlov I.N., Barabanova O.A., Kulakov S.S., Yushkova T.Y., Ageev A.A., Pashenova N.V., Tarasov P.A., Shevtsov V.V., Ivanova T.N.

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Importance of tillage methods at the artificial reforestation of Pinus sibirica in grassy forest types


Loskutov R.I.

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The estimation of larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) state by methods of dielectric spectroscopy


Stepanidenko М.А., Kovalev А.V., Tarasova О.V.

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Wood coarse debris in the structures of forest covvunities


Storozhenko V.G.

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A comparative analysis of pinus and larix plantations influense on sod-calcareous soil properties


Tarasov P.A., Tarasova A.V.

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Theautochthonous Pinus sibirica populations of Kyginski refugium – the perspective object for genetical and breeding investigations


Tatarintsev A.I.

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Forest keeping in the commercial dark – coniferous forest


Terinov N.N.

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The characteristic of clones plus trees of Pinus sibirica in plantation cultures


Revin A.V.

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Growth of pseudotaiga larch tree stands in the central khangai (Mongolia)


Danilin I.M., Naurzbaev M.M., Z. Tsogt

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Grafts of woody plants as an object of research


Kuznetsova G.V., Darikova Y.A., Savva Y., Vaganov E.A., Grachev A.M.

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Influence of recreation on lower storys of pine forest in the reserve “Stolby”


Eroxina Z.V., Pshenichnikova L.S.

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The use of pattens of landcape – architectural compositions with the use of coniferous breeds


Axyanova T.U.

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Role of the relief in forming stores of wood fuels


Matveeva T.A., Tsikalov A.G.

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Morphological structure and root density in rhizosphere of spruse plantations and secondary small-leaved stands as a characteristics of their competition on the middle ural


Terekhov G.G., Usolltsev

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Formation cwss a siberian cedar in north-sayansk forest seed area of Krasnoyarsk edge


Ufimtseva N.M.

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Agaricoid basidiomycetes in different forest types of Central Forest State Natural Biosphere Reserve (Tverskaya oblast)


Mukhina Y.G., Garibova L.V.

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Movement of wood biomass in the perspective development of Lesosibirsk industrial complex


Medvedev S.O., Stepen R.A., Sobolev S.V.

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Estimation of volumes and possible ways of use of a waste of timber cuttings on an example of Krasnoyarsk region
Ditrih V.I., Andriyas A.A., Perezhilin A.I., Korpachyov V.P.
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Redistribution of water soluble substances in wood of a larch in the course of convective drying
Zaripov Sh.G., Ermolin V.N.
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Dispersive analysis of factors’ impact on capacity of rotary working parts due to cutting forest soils
Karnaukhov A.I., Orlovsky S.N.
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To a question of a substantiation of parameters of elastic elements of a suspension bracket of the case Logger on the basis of a caterpillar
Poletajkin V.F., Plesovsky G.N.
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Strength characteristics of bars wood for building designs are given
Melekhov V.I., Byzov V.E.
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An affect of a pyrolysis and activation factors on Siberian larch waste products coal’s carbonic crystallites forming
Simkin Y. Y., Besedina I.N.
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Influence of способа preparation fruits Sorbus Aucuparia on an output of biologically active substances
Atamanov A.A., Borisova T.V., Levin B.D., Voronin V.M.
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