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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXV, Number 1-2, 2008
 ISSN 1993-0135

Succecion in forest communities: the models of phase transitions


Isaev A.S., Soukhovolsky V.G., Buzikin A.I., Ovchinnikova T.M.

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Structure and functions of mycocomplex in forest ecosystem


Storojenko V.G.

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Dynamics of subalpine stands on slopes of Serebryansky kamen’ (North Urals) in the last centuries


Moiseev P.A., Bartish A.A., Goryaeva A.V., Koshkina N.B., Nagimov Z.Y., Galako V.A.

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Regularities in the formation of disease foci of Heterobasidion root rot in provenance experiments of Pinus sylvestris in Minusinskaya hollow, Krasnoyarsk region


Pavlov I.N., Korhonen, K., Gubarev P.V., Cherepnin V.L., Barabanova O.A., Mironov A.G., Ageev A.A.

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Variability of Gmelinii and Cajanderi larchs generative organs in Eastern Siberia


Barchenkov A.P., Milyutin L.I.

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Regeranions of Pinus sibsrica L. under the canapy of stund


Terechova S.A., Luzganov A.G., Karpachova A.V.

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Studying the weather conditions influence on the origin of forest fires caused by thunderstorms


Shvetsov E.G., Sukhinin A.I., Ponomarev E.I.

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Forestry characteristic of larch forests in the south of Western Siberia


Kluchnikov M.V., Paramonov E.G.

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Influence of fires on advance reproduction in larch coenosises Eastern Sayan


Matveeva T.A.

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The seed production peculiarities of Scots pine in the provenance trial in Krasnoyarsk forest-steppe


Novikova T.N.

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Growth coniferous in conditions in vitro


Plynskaja Z.A., Ayoshina E.N., Velichko N.A.

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Peculiarities of embryogenic callus growth and the obtaining somatic embryos of Pinus sibirica Du Tour


Tretyakova I.N., Izhboldina M.V.

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Intensity of growth 12-28-years a cedar siberian shank`s origins


Matveeva R.N, Butorova O.F, Korotkov A.A.

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Evaluation of intermediate cutting in pine stands


Pshenichnikova L.S.

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Some laws of a large forest stands structure Kaa-Hemskiy mountain-taiga woods of Tyva republic


Shevelev S.L., Krasikov I.I.

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Thermal radiation of forest fire and possible influence on stand


Valendik E.N., Kosov I.V.

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The evaluation of the level of quality green spaces in the city by Applied qualimetry techniques


Avdeeva E.V., Poletajkin V.F., Avdeeva E.A.

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Studies of Siberian spruce pollens in different ecological conditions


Vladimirova O.S., Muratova E.N., Sedaeva M.I.

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Scots pine fire resistance in Central Siberia


Furyaev V.V., Furyaev E.A.

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The assimilative apparatus of Siberian spruce as the indicator of urban atmosphere pollution


Esyakova O., Voronin V., Stepen R.

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Growth and development of introduced trees of the Pinaceae lindl. family in the dendrarium of the Institute of Forest , Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences


Loskutov R.I.

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Phytophagan entomofauna of pine young stands on the abandoned agricultural lands at Emeljanovsky and Irbejsky administrative areas of Krasnoyarsk region


Bulanova O.S., Borisova E.V., Tarasova О.V.

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Influence of the microclimatic parameters on the carbon dioxide fluxes in larch ecosystems of Evenkian part of Siberia


Zyryanov V.I., Nakai Y., Vaganov E.A.

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Computer training means for teaching the specialists on forest protection
Dorrer G.A., Ivanilova T.N.
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Imitating modeling of dynamics dark-coniferous forest stands at selection thinning
Borisov A.N., Ivanov V.V.
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The Evaluation of the changes in the vegetable associations by total felling
Runova E.M., Savchenkova V.A.
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Growth of vegetative birch forests in barabinsk forest-steppe
Igoshin V.N., Kuzmichyov V.V.
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The pine forest stands in technogenic landscapes
Skripalshikova L.N., Greshilova N.V.
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The principles of ecology monitoring on the leasehold area of the Siberian logging camps
Farber S.K., Shcischikin A.S., Burenina T.A., Schevlyakov E.A., Trischin E.G., Scheverda S.V.
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Allozyme polymorphism of siberian larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) and cajanderi larch (Larix cajanderi Mayr.) enzymes
Oreshkova N.V.
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Mechanical simulators of dynamic of side loads of technological equipment of logger
Poletaykin V.F., Chernik D.V.
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Estimation of stocks of a wood in a water basin of Boguchansky hydroelectric power station in the course of its preparation and operation
Korpachyov V.P., Sladikova S.M., Perezhilin A.I.
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Alternative schemes of machine tools for caliber of composite plates of small manufactures
Еrmolovich A.G., Romashenko V.V., Shastovsky P.S.
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Specification rheological model of wood
Tuleneva E.M.
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