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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXVIII, Number 1-2, 2011
 ISSN 1993-0135

Landscape -ecological resources of the city Krasnoyarsk and its green zone


Avdeeva E.V., Kuzmichov V.V

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Characteristics of growth layer of pine forest under coal mining conditions


Goncharova I.A., Sobachkin R.S.

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Methods of assessing and predicting the parameters of large forest fires based on satellite data


Dorrer G. A., Komorovski V. S., Yakimov S. P.

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Research the growth of artificial plantations of different type’s structure of Shira steppe of Khakassia


Kovylina O.P., Kovylin N.V., Sukhenko N.V.

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The analysis of theory development and evaluation principles of the suburban green zone forests


Kuz’mik N.S.

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Scotch pine reproduction under global change of climate and strategy paths for the species preservation


Noskova N.E., Tretyakova I.N.

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The reduction of resistance of conifer forests in Siberia to root pathogens as a result of the modern air and ground temperature increase


Pavlov I.N., Barabanova O.A., Kulakov S.S., Eremin V.V., Ageev A.A., Evdokimova L. S., Romashkin I.V., Korotkov A.A., Eremina T.V.

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Season dynamic changes for trees in the reserve «stolby» depended on climate factors


Ovchinnikova T. M., Fomina V. A., Andreeva E. B., Dolzhkovaya N. P., Sukhovolsky V.G.

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Load of sapling needles as fuel in forests of Krasnoyarsk Priangarie


Sofronov M.A., Volokitina A.V.

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The development of arrangements for liquidation of oil products pollution consequences of forest plot in the location area of oil well Kuyumbinskaya – 217 (K-217) OOO “Slavneft – Krasnoyarskneftegas”


Farber S.K., Sokolov V.A., Konevina K.S.

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Induction of somatic embryogenesis by Рicea ajanensis in culture in vitro


Shalaev E.A., Tretyakova I.N.

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Regular structure of weed vegetation of wood nurseries of an average subzone of a taiga of the Arkhangelsk area


Babich N.A., Nechaeva I.S.

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Complex the express train-diagnostics ofphysiological condition Pinus silvestris L. at formation of seed plantations


Matorkin А.А., Karasev V.N., Karaseva M.A.

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Stress reaction and it after-effect of Pinus sylvestris L. in ontogeny and at alternation of generations


Kuznetsova N.F., Mashkina O.S.

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Model of trees wind stability with effect of interactions between neighbours


Filenkova N.V., Soukhovolsky V.G., Zakharov Yu.V., Ovchinnikova N.F.

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Post-fire Microbiological Monitoring of Soils in Pine-Larch Forests of the Angara Region


Bogorodskaya A.V., Ivanova G.A.

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Effect of long-term nitrogen fertilization on organic matter and availability of nitrogen in permafrost soils of Central Evenkia


Shapchenkova O.A., Plyashechnik M.A., Loskutov S.R.

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Cedar renewal on high-mountainous ashes in Northeast Altai


Paramonov E.G., Pashetov J.G.

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Factors of spruce sawfly (Symphyta, Hymenoptera) population dynamics in fir man-made forests in south of Krasnoyarsk region


Astapenko S.A., Palۥnikova E.N.

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Morphology and fertility of pollen grains of yellow-color male cones form and red-color male cones form of Scots pine in Western Siberia bogs and dry valleys


Efremov S.P., Pimenov А.V., Sedel’nikova Т.S., Petrova I.V., Sannikov S.N.

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Substantiation of a choice of algorithm of search of the shortest way for construction of the scheme of net forest roads


Chernih R.A.

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The influens surge motor transport on anatomical particularities of pine-needles tree picea pungens in condition Ekaterinburg


Vishnyakova S.V., Atkina L.I.

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Theexceptions of forming of wood on the deforestation in the pine forest of middle angara region


Savchenkova V.A.

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Theoretical basis of supply calculation for sawing of logs with form defects
Kargina E.V., Matveyeva I.S., Ogurtsov V.V.
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 Imitation researches algorithm of saw mills economical efficiency
Kargina E.V., Ridel L.N., Matveyeva I.S., Ogurtsov V.V.
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Estimation of the nature protection expense of the river Angara in an alignment of projected Motyginsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION
Babkina I.V., Korpachyov V.P.
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About the problem of determination of parameters of shakers-off of percussion species
Golubev I.V., Vorogeikin G.G.
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The basic directions of decrease of negative consequences of construction of water basins of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION in forests regions of Siberia
Korpachyov V.P., Tikhnenko M.A., Perezhilin A.I., Gaidukov G.A., Sladikova S.M.
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Calculation of optimal wood-cutting area on the base, according to dedicated stand Woodstock
Eldeshtejn J.M.
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