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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXIV, Number 4-5, 2007
 ISSN 1993-0135

Macromycetes biota of Middle Siberian south taiga (Karaulnaya river downstream). Part 1.


Pavlov I.N., Kutafieva N.P., Kulakov S.S., Gubarev P.V., Nicheporchuk V.V., Shkurenko A.S., Barsukov V.I., Danilin M.A., Mironov A.G., Barabanova O.A., Ageev A.A.

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The ways of improvement of the Middle Siberian coniferous forests valuation normative base


Shevelev S.L.

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Ontogenesis specificity and indicator role of Larix sibirica Ledeb in urban environment


Avdeeva E.V., Kuzmichev V.V.

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Morphological variability of larch in Middle Siberia


Barchenkov A.P., Milutin L.I.

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Influence of clear felling on Priangariye pine wood reconstruction (on example of Motiginski filiation lease base JSC «Lesosibirski woodworking plant-1»)


Shevlyakov E.A., Trishin E.G., Konevina K.S., Farber S.K.

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The study of relationship of forest litter moisture to the density of its burning-out in larch woods of the permafrost zone


Matveev A.M., Matveeva T.A.

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The methods of the regional volumetric table development with a glance of social condition for pine stands of middle taiga area


Vais A.A.

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Siberian cedar selection by pollen production criteria


Vodin A.V., Matveeva R.N.

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After the fire succession in pseudotaiga larch forests in Сentral Hangai of Mongolia


Dorzhsuren Ch., Krasnoschekov Yu. N.

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Forest fires and their consequences in banded pine forest of south Siberia


Buryak L.V., Kalenskaya O.P., Ponomarev E.I., Suhinin A.I.

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Optimum routing for wild fire controlling


Ushanov S.V., Fadeenkov O.V.

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The dynamic of the Krasnoyarsk forest-steppe insular pine forests structure under cleaning cutting influence


Oskorbin P.A., Bugaeva K.S.

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Associate variability of pine generative organs in the two insular pine forests of the Middle Siberian south


Tihonova I.V.

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Modeling of aircraft fire-prevention wood guard on the base of colored Petri networks formalism


Yushkov Yu.V.

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The study of siberian cedar (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) climatype variability in the south of Krasnoyarsk territory


Kuznetsova G.V.

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Particularities of growing and spruce stands phytomass in South Ural highland (on the example of Malii Iremel hill)


Nagimov Z.Ya., Babenko T.S., Shevchenko I.G., Rahmanov I.V., Moiseev P.A.

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Pinus sylvesris L. comparative characteristics in the areas of different climate damp degree in the South Siberia


Novikova T.N., Nazimova D.I.

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Ecological and geographical structure of northern forest-steppe flora in Middle Siberia


Antipova E.M.

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The influence of fire of different intensity on pine forests soil-inhabiting microbial complexes in Middle Siberia


Bogorodskaya A.V., Ivanova G.A.

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Resistance of pine of different origin to pathogenic fungus in geographical cultures of Priangariye

Kuzmina N.A., Kuzmin S.R.

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Reforestation process on entire cutting in fir forests of Eastern Sayan


Lesnikov S.M., Pshenichnikova L.S.

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Variation characteristics of conjugate generative organs pine island election of two in the south of central Siberia


Trefilova O.V.

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Viability of Abies sibirica seeds in forest ecosystems of Eastern Sayan


Belova N.V., Bazhina E.V.

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General silvics: methodological basic of text-book way of writing
Kutafiev V.P.
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The prospects of the biopreparation reception for coniferous seedling protection by solid state fermentation of the strain 19/97M streptomyces lateritius sveschnikova
Gromovikh T.I., Gaydasheva I.I., Ushanova V.A., Sadykova V.S., Sizikh G.A.
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Seasonal changes of water content in meristematic tissues of Picea obovata l. and Pinus sуlvestris l.buds and its subcellular distribution
Alaudinova E.V., Simkina S.Yu., Mironov P.V.
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