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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXII, Number 1, 2004
 ISSN 1993-0135

Stand phytomass withdrawals: a phenomenological model


Isaev A.S., Sukhovolski V.G., Buzikin A.I., Ovcninnikova T.M., Chlebopros R.G.

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Phytomass and Soil Carbon Pools of Russian Pine Forests

Utkin A.I., Zamolodchikov D.G., Chestnikh O.V.

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Phytomass and Soil Carbon Pools and Carbon Storage in Russian Fur Groves


Utkin A.I., Zamolodchikov D.G., Chestnikh O.V.

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The  regularity  of natural  renewing  in  the  conditions   of techogenic emission


Pavlov  I.N.

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Specifics of Pinus Silvestris Metabolism in Different Woodlands of Yenisey Longitude


Milutina I.L., Sudachkova N.E., Semenova G.P.

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Pinus Silvestris Growth and Survival Variations in Priangarie Geographical Crops


Kusmina N.A., Kuzmin S.P., Milutin L.I.

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Sowing Qualities of Paludous and Dry Land Pinus Silvestris Ecotypes' Seeds


Efremov S.P., Pimenov A.V.

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Influence of Recreation upon Natural Regeneration of Pine


Tsvetkov P.A., Kirisheva D.A.

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Pinus Silvestris  Climatic  Types  at a Geographical  Graft Plantation  in Krasnoyarsk Forest-Steppe


Novikova T.N.

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Pinus Sibirica Individual Variations  at Krasnoyarsk Suburban Craft Plantation


Matveeva R.N.,  Bugorova O.F.,  Bratilova N.P.

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 Specifics of Pinus Sibirica Crone Phytomass Growth and Development Depending upon Its Yield During the Primary Ontogenetic Period


Bratilova N.P., Pastukhova A.M.

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24-Year old Pinus Sibirica Variations (Selected in the Age of a Year by the Length of Primary Needles)


Bratilova N.P., Pastukhova A.M. 

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Natural Regeneration of Pinus Sibirica under the Cover of Parental Stands in the Conditions of Mountain Shoria (Kemerovo Region)


Sergeev V.E., Trefilkin A.V. 

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The Lessons of Gradual Cutting in Dark Coniferous Pinus Sibirica Forests of the Western Siberia


Bekh I.A., Krivets S.A., Chitorkin V.V., Pats E.N., Voloshina L.E.

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Abies Sibirica Natural Regeneration under the Cover of Parental Stands in the Southern Taiga of Western Siberia


Sergeev V.E., Trefilkin D-V

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Complex Asssessment of Abies Sibirica State in Urban Conditions


Sobchak R.O., Degtiareva O.N., Astafurova T.P.

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Tapping Pinus Silvestris with  Complex Stimulation of the Resin Yield


Kirillov  D.F.,  Matveev  P.M.,  Karpacheva A.V.

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Pinus Silvestris Needle Elements' Composition and Morphometric Parameters in the Conditions of
Atmospheric Pollution (Western Zabaikalie)


Afanasieva L.V., Kashin V.K., Pleshanov A.S., Mikhailova T.A., Berezhnaya N.S.

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Ecologic   and   Geographical   Specifics   of Larix  Sibirica  Distribution   in Udmurtia    


Baranova  O.G. 

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Lepidoptera Coleophoridae Outbreaks in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century


Gninenko Y.I., Telegina O.S., Morozov P.E.

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Genome and Chromosomal Pinus Silvestris Mutations in the Extreme Growing Conditions


Muratova E.N., Sedelnikova T.S.

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Predicting the Productivity of Sawmill Enterprises Based upon the Imitational Pine Stands Simulations


Ogurtzov V.V., Chizhov A.N., Matveeva I.S.

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The Process of Deresinning and Drying of Masson's Pine


Du Guoxing, Dong Huijun, Cai Jiabin

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Biocenosis Factors Influencing the Structure and Composition of Spruce Oil
Lobanov V.V., Stepen R.A.
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Properties of the Purified Pine Wood Peracetic Cellulose    
Bivshev A.V., Kolmakova O.A., Leonova M.O.
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