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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXVI, Number 2, 2009
 ISSN 1993-0135

Influence of insect defoliation (Dendrolimus superans sibiricus Tschetv.) on the tree-ring characteristics of Pinus sibirica Du Tour, Picea obovata Ledeb., Abies sibirica Ledeb., Pinus sylvestris L


Pavlov I.N., Ageev A.A., Barabanova O.A.

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Dynamics forest ecosystems of the reserve “Stolby” for 60 years


Kuzmichyov V.V., Bondarev A.I.

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Species of Picea (Pinaceae) in arboretum of Saint-Petersburg State Forest-Technical Academy


Orlova L.V., Efremova E.P., Firsov G.A., Jarmishko V.T.

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Decision support systems in forest management: a review


Khanina L.G., Smirnov V.E., Lukina N.V.

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System analysis of pheromone search mechanisms of forest lepidopterous insects


Volkova P.E., Ovchinnikova T.M., Soukhovolsky V.G.

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The Dynamic pine forests of the Mari Republic for the last half a century


Demakov YU.P., Smykov A.E.

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Seasonal development wood introducents in condition of the city environment


Kozik Е.V., Suntsova L.N., Inshakov Е.M.

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Adaptation of wood plants to influence of the city environment


Pirogova D.V., Suntsova L.N., Inshakov E.M.

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The design of forest plots and the project development of the forest exploitation: problems and their decision


Skudin V.M., Raspopin K.I., Svishev D.A., Raspopin S.K., Ahmedzianov R.S.

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By question on the validity of penal sanctions for the violations in the time of logging (by example the leasehold territory of OSC “Lesosibirskii LDK - 1”)


Farber S.K., Konevina K.S., Trishcin E.G.

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Growth and crop capacity of pine Pinus sibirica 21-25-years old, on plantation of the West-Sayan study-skilled forestry


Filimokhin V.S.

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Modeling the forest fires with using the cluster computing systems


Vdovenko M.S., Dorrer G.A.

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Scots Pine Stand Regeneration at the Forest Krasnoyarsk Town Interface


Gorbunov A.S., Tsvetkov P.A.

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Forest disturbance impact on fire frequency in Angara region


Ivanov V.A., Moskalchenko S.A., Ponomarev E.I.

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Growth and development woody plants of Middle Asia dendroflora in arboretum of the V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS


Loskutov R.I.

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The cultivation plantation cultures of a Siberian pine different geographical origin and they’re seed posterity in conditions of a green zone of Krasnoyarsk


Oreshenko S.A.

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Theexceptions of forming of wood on the deforestation in the pine forest of middle angara region


Savchenkova V.A.

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The structure of Big forest stands of Tyva Republic


Krasikov I.I., Shevelev S.L.

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Special features of the start fires in the upper-obskiy forest tract


Samsonenko S.D., Furyaev I.V., Furyaev V.V.

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Working out of mathematical models of system «The working equipment - cargo» rotary loggers


Poletajkin V. F, Kolesnikov P.G.

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The influence of morphological forms of a tree on technological and operational properties of wood


Eliseev S.G., Ermolin V.N.

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Behaviour of a ferro-concrete plate during vibrating process


Koshenovskiy V.I., Kozinov G.L.

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Features of glycerides metabolism of buds meristem of Larix sibirica Ledeb


Alaydinova E.V., Mironov P.V.

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Reception of a biomass sulfur-shelf mushrooms P 05/88 Pleurotus ostreatus and Ls 1-06 Laetiporus sulphureus in deep conditions
Ufimtseva O.V., Mironov P.V.
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