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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXV, Number 3-4, 2008
 ISSN 1993-0135

Larix gmelinii tolerance to hypothermia


Prokushkin S.G., Abaimov A.P.

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Estimation method of natural spruce forest renewal of Priissykkule


Isakov A.T., Buzikin A.I.

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Spatial variation in type and load of moss-lichen and duff cover in northern larch forests


Volokitina A.V., Sofronov M.A.

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Non protein amino acids in the tissues of the forest forming conifer species in Siberia


Sudachkova N.E., Milyutina I.L., Romanova L.I., ZHdanova K.O.

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Biomass structure and competitive relations between spruce plantation and small-leaved young stand


Terekhov G.G., Usoltsev V.A., Kasatkin A.S.

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Fire weather and other environmental factors of “burning” away debris in former reservoir beds Boguchany hydropower station


Valendik E.N., Kosov I.V., Zapevalov A.V.

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The state of fir and pine forest of natural park «Ergaki» and its fluorescentnja diagnostic


Tretyakova I.N., Bazhina E.V., Pakcharkova N.V., Storogev V.N.

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Analysis of self-thinning in young Scots pine stands of different planting densities


Buzykin A.I., Pshenichnikova L.S., Sobachkin D.S., Sobachkin R.S

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High temperature effects on soil microarthropods under fire in larch stands of Angara region


Krasnoshchekova E.N., Kosov I.V., Ivanova G.A.

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Natural regeneration at the logging in dark-coniferous forests of south taiga of Enisey region of Siberia


Ivanov V.V.

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Role of root rot disease in deterioration of forest health in Siberian federal district


Pavlov I.N., Ruhullaeva O.V., Barabanova O.A., Ageev A.A

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Construction experience of bog soil-site index scale of Scots pine for forest growth in Western Siberia


Yefremova T.T., Avrova A.F., Yefremov S.P.

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Larix sibirica growth and metabolism under the phytocenotic stress


Plaksina I.V

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Evaluation of living conditions common pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the condition of the industrial pollution


Kovilina O.P., Zarubina I.A., Kovilin A.N.

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Content and distribution of sulphur in frozen soils of plateau Putorana


Ponomareva T.V.

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Pollen quality at clonal plantation of west- sayan experimental forestry of siberian pine Pinus sibirica (Pinaceae).


Savelyev S.S., Tret’yakova I.N., Voroshilova E.V., Cherepovskiy Y.A.

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Temperature regime of soils in Scots pine forests of central taiga burned by surface fires


Tarasov P.A., Ivanov V.A., Ivanova G.A.

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Life condition of coniferous trees in the area of the aluminum production


Chzhan S.A., Runova E.M., Puzanova O.A.

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Variability of morphological indices and seed-lopes of siberian larch in forest belts of Shira lake


Kovilina O.P., Kovilin N.V., Poznachirko P.Sh.

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Ecological adaptation of Far East kinds in conditions of the south of Middle Siberia


Usova E.A.

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Experiment of projecting the ecological net of biotopes in zone of Priangarskiy exploitable forests


Batura A.V., Farber S.K., Sokolov V.A., Fedotova E.V.

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The resource and ecological potential of forests of the Krasnoyarsk region


Buzykin A.I., Pshenichnikova L.S.

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Regeneration Juniperus sibirica В. in vitro


Aeshina E.N., Velichko N.A.

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Influence of the cement-wood attitude on durability cement-wood composites
Rudenko B.D.
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Influence of the flooded and floating wood on water objects
Korpachyov V.P., Malinin L.I., Chebyh M.M., Rjabokon J.I., Perezhilin A.I.
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Work of transfer at absence of sliding between FCC and pulleys
Kozinov G.L., Starostin G.I.
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The choice of the instrument for processing the surfaces sheet material on base material tree for reduction of variability of the thickness and roughnesses
Еrmolovich A.G., Shastovsky P.S., Romashenko V.V.
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Efficiency of clearing of turnaround water by manufacture of wood-fiber plates
Rubinskaya A.V., Chistova N.G., Alashkevich Y.D.
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Processing not used knife paper for recycling
Kytovaya L.V., Konyuhova V.V, Alashkevich Y.D., Shvedov А.G.
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Investigation of the influence of functional groups of pectins, which are obtained from the bark of conifers on their behavior to gelatinizing
Ushanova V.M., Batura N.G., Vorobyeva Z.K.
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