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Conifers of the boreal area

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 Conifers of the boreal area

 Volume XXIV, Number 1, 2007
 ISSN 1993-0135

Activation of Pathogenic Behaviour of Armillaria mellea sensu lato Fungi in Coniferous Forests of the South of Eastern Siberia


Pavlov I.N., Mironov A.G., Yushkova T.Y.

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Productivity of Breeds of Cedar Pines of Different Geographic Origin in the Suburban Area of Krasnoyarsk


Bratilova N.P., Kalinin A.V.

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Peculiarities of Organization of Constant Forest-Seed Base of Pinus Sibirica


Matveyeva R.N., Butorova O.F., Kichkildeyev A.G

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Morphological Variability of Larch in Central Siberia


Barchenkov A. P., Milyutin L.I.

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Reaction of larix sibirica on Man-Caused Effects of Urban Environment


Kuzmichev V.V., Avdeyeva E.V.

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Biologic Productivity of Sylvulas at the Boreal Ecotone


Usoltsev V.A., Terekhov, Nenashev N.S., Palmova N.V., Balitsky M.I., Kasatkin A.S., Lysenko D.I., Kanunnikova O.V., Kuzmin. N.I.

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Influence of Growth-Place Conditions on the Quality of pinus Sylvestris Wood in Crops


Babich N.A., Melekhov V.I., Antonov A.M., Klevtsov D.N., Konovalov D.Y.

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Estimate of Efficiency of Reforestation at Windfalls of Middle Ural


Zhulkov A.A., Nagimov Z.Y., Mochalov S.A., Zoteyeva E.A.

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Determination of Productivity of South Evenkia Hunting Grounds


Keller V.A., Shishikin A.S., Petrenko V.D.

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Investigation of Growth of Pine and Birch Stands of Krasnoyarsk Forest-Steppe


Monakhov E.V., Kuzmichev V.V., Nepovinnykh A.G.

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Influence of Recreation on Natural Fire Risk of Pine Forests of the Reserve “Stolby”


Tsvetkov P.A, Gorbunov A.S.

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Ways of Creation of Sylvulas at Fire-Sites in Dark Coniferous Forests of Khakasia


Yuskiv Z.M.

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Influence of Fires on Intensity of Breath of Pinus Silvestris Trunk


Masyagina O. V., Prokushkin S.G., Ivanova G.A.

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Utilization of Simulation Methods for Determination of Fire Risk Scenarios in Forests at Temperature Change


Ushanov S.V., Frantsuzov A.G.

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Woody Plans under Conditions of Man-Caused Environment of the City of Krasnoyarsk


Suntsova L.N., Inshakov E.M.

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Methodological Foundations of Forecasting of Ecological State of Reservoirs of Hydroelectric Stations Built in Wood-Covered Regions of Siberia


Korpachev V.P., Ryabokon’ Y.I.

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Influence of Man-Caused Structures on Ecological State of the Bratsk Water Reservoir


Ugryumov B.I., Ugryumova S.N.

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Rationale of Allocation of Transport Links and Parameters of Timber-Industry Manufactures


Gladkov E.G.

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Peculiarities of Impregnated Timber Drying


Ermolin V.N., Ermolina T.V., Kenzhebayev K.A.

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Influence of Man-Caused Pollution of Environment on the Content and the Composition of Spruce Needles Essence


Stepen’ R.A., Esyakova O.A.

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Dependence of Constructive and Technological Parameters of Refiner on Water-Resistance of MDF


Matygulina V.N., Chistova N.G., Alashkevich Y.D.

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Profitability of Forest Exploitation by the Example of Middle Priangariye Forestries


Runova E.M., Sorokin D.A.

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To the Issue of Algebraic Formula for Determination of the p Number


Kokorin A.N.

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